Asian food recipes section offers you the ultimate collection of best rated and officially tested Asian dishes. Asian food and Asian cooking form the enormous potential of Asian cuisines with rich ingredients used in making of Asia recipes. Asian recipes are delicious and nourishing, plus Asian food recipes are easy to cook, economical, and inspirational to experiment with in the kitchen!! All recipes in Asia cuisine have no proper means of measurement, cooks just used a handful of this and a pinch of that, and cooked Asia food according to personal tastes. With changing mindsets in Asian cuisines and the greater tendency to eat out these days, the pure Asian cuisine and original Asia cooking recipes have also gradually been forgotten, and not many people know how to cook the delicious Asian recipe and Asia’s dishes anymore. Try any Asian Recipe from our compilation that is really delicious - and deliciously different, whether you like to give yourself a treat or just amaze your friends!

Simple Asian Chicken Salad

This is a really quick and simple chicken salad recipe best for your kids lunchboxes. You can also add zingy flavors to it. We've explained both versions, so choose what suits you the most.

Cholay Ka Salan

Spicy recipe for delicious Chickpeas gravy that you can prepare for lunch and it also makes an essential item for halwa poori breakfast

Suji Ka Halwa

Semolina is a widely used ingredient in Pakistani and Indian cuisine and it is commonly available in the local markets. You can make puddings, pasta, pizzas, and biscuits with it. Here we've semolina halwa recipe that is one of the most famous Pakistani dessert recipes. You can serve sooji halwa as a dessert following your main corse or prepare halva as part of the ages old Pakistani breakfast recipe Halwa Poori.

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