Mix things up with this array of blender recipes made with blender. These blended recipes are a great way to start your day with a quick fresh cooking. You’ll find it in our blender dishes index of blender fruits recipes coffee-flavored and fruity, and blender desserts i.e. smoothies and coolers. Learn to make quick blender meals with seasonal blender vegetables and blender meat. Silky-smooth soups, rich dips, margaritas—all are big reasons to break out the blender.

Fruity Buttermilk Icepops

A fruity buttermilk icepops recipe made with blueberry and banana, a frozen snack under 200 calories, when making for school lunch put it in an icepack lunchbox

Cinnamon Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

A richly flavored recipe that is low fat and gives you a lunch idea below 200 calories. Awesome adore of cinnamon, chocolate, butter, and vanilla makes it a great frozen sandwich recipe


You can prepare this hummus recipe in less than 10 mins. This makes a really great dip for your lunchbox salads, pitta bread, and all kinds of veg sandwiches.

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