Budget Cooking

Cooking for a crowd can involve lots of hassles and work. Not to mention expensive as well. Here we’ll share some cheap recipes (budget recipes) that you can confidently prepare while cooking on a budget. A crowd could be a big family or a group of guests coming on a party. No matter what the reason for low budget cooking, obviously you need ideas for cheap cooking that will help you spend less money and choose budget friendly meals and menus. Budget cooking for a crowd is possible and our cheap meals won’t let you turn down. Try these budget meals for your special guests to make the lunch and dinner parties memorable.

Kashkaval Cheese Sandwich

One of the very famous Eastern European breakfast recipe is the kashkaval cheese sandwich that is grilled. It takes 10 mins to prep and 10 mins to cook and in a total time of 20 mins your sandwiches are ready to serve.

Quick Mini Muffins

It makes a super quick and incredibly yummy muffins an all time favorite breakfast and snack for your kids and grown ups.

Frozen Lemonade

This lemonade classic gives you a fun twist in the sweaty summer days. One glass gives you 130 calories.

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