Chocolate & Confectionery

Here’s good news for all chocolate lovers, hundreds of unique chocolate recipes from all international cuisines. Whether it's a pudding or a cupcake, a candy or a brownie, these chocolates recipes will have you drooling for more! While all chocolates are usually considered a dessert, you'll also explore new savory ways of cooking chocolate recipes. Cooking chocolate ingredients also includes some white chocolate recipes. Fun chocolate recipes for kids and all chocolate recipes are easy and contain the main ingredients of chocolate, chocolate chips, and cocoa.

Fruity Buttermilk Icepops

A fruity buttermilk icepops recipe made with blueberry and banana, a frozen snack under 200 calories, when making for school lunch put it in an icepack lunchbox

Cinnamon Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

A richly flavored recipe that is low fat and gives you a lunch idea below 200 calories. Awesome adore of cinnamon, chocolate, butter, and vanilla makes it a great frozen sandwich recipe

Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly Recipe by Recipes Expert: An apple cinnamon jelly recipe easy to make apple jelly

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