Cuba cuisine has been imaginatively influenced by its own culture. From the Afro-Caribe inclined eastern region of Santiago de Cuba to the Spanish inclined western county of Havana, its folks are as miscellaneous as Cuban food and Cuban recipes. A truly ethnically and culturally integrated civilization, Cuban cuisine draws upon its diversified Cuban food recipes and Cuban cooking methods from regionally copious crops and resources. Cuban cuisines, Cuba food, Cuba cooking, Cuba recipes, and Cuban dishes are reflective of the Cubans themselves: simple and uncomplicated yet exciting and assorted with the flavors of life. The most distinguishing feature of Cuban cuisine is the combination of the Cuban recipe where the tomato sauce with only some sautéed spices or Cuban sauce stands over the rest of the ingredients. The Cuban cooking way, that classifies its cuisine and each Cuba recipe, is frying. Let’s try some good Cuban recipes that will make you feel enjoying in a local Cuban restaurant.

Apple Butter

Easy apple butter recipe by Recipes Expert learn how to make apple butter with slow cooker method

Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly Recipe by Recipes Expert: An apple cinnamon jelly recipe easy to make apple jelly

Apple Pie

Apple Pie Recipe by Recipes Expert Best Apple Pie Filling with Apple Pie Crust

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