There are people who think that a meal is incomplete without a dessert. It is very true that we all love desserts. Though, the fact that some of the dessert recipes out there are not healthy can make one confused. There are just too much sugar and calories in sweet recipes. So, you should only try those desserts recipes that are easy desserts and good for your health also. This is even more essential if you desire to lose some extra fat. The quick dessert recipes you’ll find here consist of egg desserts, fruit desserts, portable desserts, and freezable desserts. Don’t stake at your health while always going for easy dessert recipes; because not all of them are really healthy in terms of fats and sugar level they consist of. Plenty of overweight people will fall into this trap. Don’t worry; we on recipes expert take into account all these facts and therefore we’ve mentioned calorie intake with nearly all desserts recipes.


Suji Ka Halwa

Semolina is a widely used ingredient in Pakistani and Indian cuisine and it is commonly available in the local markets. You can make puddings, pasta, pizzas, and biscuits with it. Here we've semolina halwa recipe that is one of the most famous Pakistani dessert recipes. You can serve sooji halwa as a dessert following your main corse or prepare halva as part of the ages old Pakistani breakfast recipe Halwa Poori.

Cookie Fruit Tart Recipe

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Strawberry Short Stacks

Strawberry Short Stacks recipe by Recipesexpert

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