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Baking with Apples

We used eight normal sized Granny Smith apples and a batter of 2/3 of a cup sugar, 1/3 of a cup all-purpose flour, and one tablespoon of cinnamon to prepare this Apple Pie filling. A touch of salt and a dash of ground cloves add to the cinnamon taste. Use a peeler or paring knife to peel the apples. If you have an apple corer, use it while the apple is still whole.

Cut the apple in half to take away the seeds, blossom end, and stem.
Use a paring knife to take away the seeds and stiff flesh of the center of the fruit. If you used an apple corer, take away any left over bits of core with your paring knife.
Cut the apples into even pieces no more than ¼ of an inch thick. If you like a thick pie cut the fruit into ½-inch cubes. To make sure that the apples bake in an even way and from top to bottom, the fruit pieces should be cut to the equal size.

In a big bowl, toss the apples with the sugar-flour-spice batter. If you’re using a sweeter variety of apple, include a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to lighten the flavor. Shift the filling to a pastry-lined pie plate. The flour in the batter will blend with the juices of the apple to make a chunky cinnamon sauce for the apples to poach in as they bake. This pie can also be cooked with frozen sliced or cubed apples.
Top the pie with a crumb topping, a lattice crust, or a full crust, as you prefer, and bake as told.

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