Candy Turtles


Candy turtles concieve their name from their funny turtle shape that looks so whymsical. Turtle Candy recipe is a great combination of toasted nuts and smooth caramel chocolate that is almost impossible to resist.


2 T heavy cream 2 tabs
1/2 lb caramels (about 25)
8 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1 1/4 c pecan halves


First u can divide pecan halves into 3 groups. Then melt half the chocolate and transfer in small amounts onto wax paper. Arrange three pecans into each puddle, with ends in the center, like a 3-pointed star.
Let cool. Meanwhile, heat caramel and cream together, allow cooling some.
Spoon over chocolate and pecans. Try not to let caramel spill onto wax paper. Let cool. Melt rest of chocolate and cover the caramel, so that it is sandwiched between layers of chocolate. Yum!

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