Mini Chicken Vegetable Platter


A chicken lunch box recipe with really tempting looks and low in fats and carbs but full of energy. Serve it with spring onion dip


celery stalks sticks 2

chicken drumettes 12

tomato sauce 1/4 cup

soya sauce 1/4 cup

125 g sugar snap peas

honey 1 Tbs

Carrot 1 large cut into sticks



Preheat your oven and keep the temperature to 200C. Put chicken in a bowl and add soy sauce, tomato sauce, and honey to it. Coat it to the chicken. Place foil in the baking tray and transfer chicken to it. Dont overlay pieces on one another. Bake for 15 mins and turn all the pieces then bake for another 15 mins. It should be golden and thoroughly while you take it out. Place peas in boiling water for at least 5 mins and then rinse. Pack chicken and veg in your lunchbox.