Pavlova is a pudding, which basically comes from Australia. Pavlova is really easy to make if you exactly follow the right recipe of Pavlova; but almost impossible to make if you don’t have the right measurements and recipe.


Vinegar 1tsp
castor  Sugar 1cup
large Egg whites 4
Vanilla flavour 1tsp
1 tsp Cornflour 1tsp


Heat up oven to 250 degrees F. Then with an electric mixer beat the egg whites until
spongy  form, then gradually add the sugar. Beat until firm. Include the
cornflour, vinegar and vanilla. When combined, turn out onto a flat tray. The tray
has been greased and dusted with cornflour. Try a circular shape to some extent
more mixture at the edges so that it may be served by placing goodies in its
centre depression.  Then bake in a preheated,  (250 degrees F.) oven for one
hour. When cooked, turn the oven off, leave the oven door slightly open, and
allow to cool slowly in the oven. This slow cooling works to stop the loss of
too much height. Serve cold, with whipped cream and fresh fruit pieces,
strawberries and kiwi fruit for example. (6 Servings)