Tiramisu Martini Dessert


Tiramisu martini is a cool and elegant dessert and best to serve on parties for special guests. It’s easy and quick so you don’t need to do much while assembling this delicate Tiramisu martini recipe.


Kahlua liqueur 2tabs
Mascarpone Italian cream cheese 2/3cup
Lady Finger cookies 4.75-ounce box
Powdered sugar 3 tabs
Semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped 2tsp
Espresso or strong coffee 1/2cup
2 mint sprigs for garnish


First take a bowl to mix Mascarpone Italian cream cheese and powdered sugar together until smooth and creamy. Then in another bowl combine espresso and Kahlua liqueur.

And then dip Lady Finger cookies briefly in espresso coffee and Kahlua liqueur; and line them vertically around the inside of a martini glass (when they are soft they can be adjusted to fit the narrow base of the glass). Put  Mascarpone cheese mixture in center of the martini glass, finally garnish with chocolate, mint sprigs and serve. (Serves 2)