For Bachelors

The bachelor recipes section is specific for bachelors meals cooked mostly with bachelor foods. But here in bachelor’s recipes section, you’ll explore both classic and contemporary tastes that will surely remind you of your mom's cooking. Browse through these bachelors recipes for some quick and easy recipes for bachelors. Yes, contrary to popular belief, many of you can stir up divine delicacies by trying these bachelorette recipes in a jiffy, with whatever's available in the house. Make bachelors cooking more fun by picking the bachelor recipe of your favorite foods and win the heart of your friends also. Whatever be the ambience, check out these quick delights and have a rolling time with our special bachelor meals.

Kashkaval Cheese Sandwich

One of the very famous Eastern European breakfast recipe is the kashkaval cheese sandwich that is grilled. It takes 10 mins to prep and 10 mins to cook and in a total time of 20 mins your sandwiches are ready to serve.

Tarta Cytrynowa

Polish recipe of lemon tart is unique in that it makes use of almond flour and this flour is just ground almonds. White chocolate adds another dimension to its taste and the lemon juice gives it the moist it requires. So let's go ahead on this! This lemon tart is going to make you 8 servings

Quick Mini Muffins

It makes a super quick and incredibly yummy muffins an all time favorite breakfast and snack for your kids and grown ups.

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