Everyone loves to give gifts from the kitchen because homemade gifts don't take much time to cook, and are a superb expression of your love and inspiration. We’ve a nice collection of gift recipes. Here we’ve some easy food gift recipes, special gift recipes for that someone special, holiday gift recipes for a whole day fun, and party recipes for gifts.  Cookies, candies, and homemade breads are always welcome gifts recipes, or prepare and offer festive preserves, relishes, or dips. Baking mixes or seasonings for soup in quart canning jars make excellent recipes to gift to family or coworkers, so let’s move for cooking gift recipes.

Tarta Cytrynowa

Polish recipe of lemon tart is unique in that it makes use of almond flour and this flour is just ground almonds. White chocolate adds another dimension to its taste and the lemon juice gives it the moist it requires. So let's go ahead on this! This lemon tart is going to make you 8 servings

Quick Mini Muffins

It makes a super quick and incredibly yummy muffins an all time favorite breakfast and snack for your kids and grown ups.

Pinwheel Chicken Sandwiches

A great starter for a party because these pinwheels are so goodlooking, pack them for your kids' lunchbox and get them a delicious treat

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