As we talk about Italian cuisines and Italy food, pasta is the first thing that comes to our mind. Primarily, meat does not play a regular part of most of the Italian cuisine and Italy cooking with vegetables, grains and legumes plays main course in Italian cooking in most homes. Basically, Italy cuisine and Italian food recipes are a combination of vegetables, fish, cheeses, grains, fruits  and a diffusion of meats; most Italian dishes of meat and other Italian food are typically cooked with olive oil (with the exception of the far north). Here we offer you Italian recipes from many different regions of Italy including Italy recipes of desserts and Italian recipe of pizza and different kinds of pastas.  Don’t forget to share the Italy recipe you’ve tried so far.

Apple Butter

Easy apple butter recipe by Recipes Expert learn how to make apple butter with slow cooker method

Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly Recipe by Recipes Expert: An apple cinnamon jelly recipe easy to make apple jelly

Apple Pie

Apple Pie Recipe by Recipes Expert Best Apple Pie Filling with Apple Pie Crust

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