Main Course

Main courses are a must have to add to the sizzling looks of the meals. Would you like to set the table with tasty main course meats, delicious vegetables main course meals, and main course dishes based on nutritious seasonal food? Go through our main course menus to get awesome main course ideas and transform yourself into a home-grown expert chef. Try the spicy edition of thanksgiving main course cooking recipes. Savor the rich food creations for a wonderful holiday main course recipes. Tickle your taste with the appetizing and healthiest way to cook meat. Our seafood main courses will help you figure out how to turn seafood into the most loved delicacies.


Egyptian Koshary

Try this famous egyptian koshary recipe by recipes expert


African Style Oxtail Stew

Try this African oxtail stew recipe by recipes expert

Diced Lamb with Roasted Vegetables and Couscous

Try this lamb with couscous recipe by recipes expert

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