From the juiciest prime ribs of beef to a honey-grilled ham or a roasted lamb, meat recipes (be it chicken recipes, beef recipes, or pork recipes) are the heart of holiday meals. On our less profligate days, we find diversity in life by cooking different recipes of meat using cuts of meat which we broil, grill, stew, sauté, barbecue or stir-fry. We mince the meat and make some hamburgers meat recipes quick and meat loafs of many different types. Here we’ve some different meat cuisines, meat recipes easy and special meat recipes for slow cookers and easiest and quick meat recipes for beginners. Try and rate the meat recipes you like.

Pinwheel Chicken Sandwiches

A great starter for a party because these pinwheels are so goodlooking, pack them for your kids' lunchbox and get them a delicious treat

Chili Mexicali

You can add cheese and sour cream to suit your taste!

Mini Chicken Vegetable Platter

A chicken lunch box recipe with really tempting looks and low in fats and carbs but full of energy. Serve it with spring onion dip

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