Looking for perfect pasta recipes? All pasta finds its roots in Italian cuisine, so no other nation thinks of pasta the way Italians do since pasta is a passion in Italy. But you can have pasta recipes with chicken and pasta recipes vegetarian in almost all world cuisines. Make some of your favorite pasta recipes for kids, pasta recipes simple, and pasta recipes quick from our selection of perfect pasta recipes. Also share the Italian passion with some very traditional Italian pasta recipes. All of these are pasta recipes easy to cook so the result will be absolutely Italian with the intrinsic pasta flavors.

Coconut Mushroom Soup

We can bet it will surely make your day even a very stressful day - awesome thai style soup for those who are tired of the same old pasta and sandwiches for lunch

Pasta Aglio E Olio

Learn how to prepare classic pasta recipe with garlic and oil with perfect restaurant flavor. Recipe for pasta aglio e olio by our expert chef.

Noodle Pakoras

Try this spicy Indian side dish recipe called noodle pakoras that works best as an appetizer.

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