Central/South American

South American cuisine is very traditional and South American dishes in all South American cuisines vary somewhere between a soup and a stew. Fricase is a typical South America recipe which is often served after parties, particularly as a final South America food when there has been lots of drink--such as a New Year’s Eve gathering. Some typical South America food recipes can be plain and mostly are served with both potatoes and rice. But there are always many different South America recipes of “llagua” cooked and served on every table to spice it up. Desserts in South American food and South America cuisine are usually simple. South American recipes of desserts might be fruit or some type of pudding or gelatin. Cakes and cookies in South American cooking are not as sweet as American recipes and South American recipe of party cake is often too dry or course textured. Teatime in South America cooking is a very traditional event and South American food recipes for teatime are very diverse in taste. Here we’ve some amazing South American recipes that you can try at your home with confidence since all these recipes are tried and tested by our expert chefs.

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